This year, we are very proud to present a new and innovative skin care range; Skin Camilla Pihl, a skin care line developed in collaboration with Norway’s biggest and most award-winning blogger. Camilla Pihl is a designer, model and renowned blogger, who has always been passionate about beauty and skin care. The most frequently asked questions on her blog are related to her skin and skin care routines. Hence, developing her own skin care line was a very natural next step.


New beauty moisture boost

Skin Camilla Pihl Beauty Moisture Boost series consists of moisturizing, innovative quality products to suit all skin types and ages. The products can either be used alone or added to existing skin care routines. They are delicate perfumed and have effective, moisturizing and nutritious formulations. All products of the Skin Camilla Pihl Beauty Moisture Boost series contain moisturizing hyaluronic acid, which increases skin's ability to hold and absorb moisture.

Like the rest of Skin Care products from Skin Camilla Pihl, the Beauty Moisture Boost products are also free of parabens, cocamide DEA, MI, kathon and mineral oils. 

With the moisturizing ingredient Hyaluronic acid



Anti Aging

The range consists of four innovative must-have products for your daily skin care routine based on the cell research of telomerase (the enzyme of the nucleus) – often referred to the enzyme of youth. Enriched with the active anti-age ingredient TCR3, which can prolong the longevity of the cells, these skin care products leave skin looking young, fresh and radiant for longer.

With the active ingredient TCR3®


24K Gold

In addition to the four daily skin care items, this range is bringing exciting new products to the market; a 24K Gold Face Mask Collection. Gold is often used as an anti-aging ingredient, as it can help reduce inflammation which is a cause of acne and hyper pigmentation. Gold is also known for promoting oxygen absorption which produce an uplifted, tightened and rejuvenated appearance. In addition, gold locks in moisture and gives your skin a lavish, radiant glow.

Gives your skin a lavish, radiant glow



Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are trending and are more popular than ever, and for a good reason. These Skin Camilla Pihl sheet masks are made of paper thin sheets soaked in a moisturising and energising liquid that calms or brightens skin. In addition to nourishing skin and making it appear refreshed they are so simple to use and completely portable. Coming with cute panda or tiger print, adding a little fun and playfulness to boring skin care routines, and they are of course very selfie-worthy!

10 minute facial” “Quick beauty fix


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