Elle Basic

Elle Basic is a Norwegian company producing and supplying a wide range of personal care products, cosmetics, beauty and wellbeing. Our company was established in 2009 by an experienced and enthusiastic team that combines entrepreneurship, professionalism, innovation, passion and flexibility. This unique combination enables us to produce an exciting and competitive product portfolio.

Our headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway. As a Scandinavian company, we strive to manufacture products that are as pure and environmentally friendly as possible. We source raw materials from both near and far to ensure we have the best quality at affordable pricing. We are a member of the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance and do not test ingredients nor products on animals.

Each year Elle Basic launch new ranges of innovative personal care products. Having a worldwide presence allows us to keep up to date with the latest trends and fashions. Combining this with our finest ingredients, fabulous fragrances, innovation and flexibility enables us to deliver high quality, indulgent products that our customers desire.

Our company strategy is to build long-term relationships with our partners and work together at bringing beautiful, high quality, on trend products at competitive pricing to all corners of the globe.



Contact us

+47 950 94 510

Gjerdrums vei 8
0484 Oslo, Norway

Nina Fredriksen
Managing Director
+47 950 64 273

Clair Brutnall-Coles
Export Manager
+ 44 7872 063 616